Test Measure and Funnel (Canadian)

449CVR Series

Provides an accurate standard of comparison for verifying the metered output of liquid dispensing equipment.


Note: The Funnel and Prover must be used together to meet Measurement Canada Requirements.


Note: This equipment has been evaluated by Measurement Canada for accuracy performance when used to perform inspection of gasoline or diesel related fuel dispensers. The evaluation of equipment includes repeatability, linearity and stability. This equipment has been evaluated and approved to be used in lieu of closed loop testing equipment to reduce vapor loss effects while testing gasoline systems.

Standard Features

Equipped with a high resolution 3″ neck with reducer

20 liter capacity

Used with a mating vapor retention funnel to minimize vapor loss during testing 


Construction Details

  • All Models of 449 Series Provers are made of 300 series stainless steel


Certifications & Listings

Measurement Canada recognized for retail fuel dispenser test equipment

Fig Suffix Capacity Description Weight
449CVRP 020 1M 20 Liter VRP Test Measure (Canadian)  20.0
449CVRF 000 1F 20 Liter VRP Extra Tall SS Funnel With Copper Spout (Canadian)  22.0
449CVRF 020 1F 20 Liter VRP SS Funnel With Copper Spout (Canadian)  14.0

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