Electronic Gauging Systems

  • Electronic Tank Gauge

    Product SKU: FIG 1218

    The Morrison 1218 electronic tank gauge series monitors and displays the liquid level and/or volume of product stored in 1 to 4 aboveground storage tanks. The tank sensor utilizes a mechanical float to monitor the tank liquid level and electronically converts the tank level to display on the system console located within 1000’ of the tank sensor.


  • Electronic Tank Gauge Wireless Connectivity Accessories

    Product SKU: FIG 1218C
  • Electronic Liquid Level Gauge & Overfill Alarm

    Product SKU: FIG 1018

    The 1018 series gauge displays the liquid level of product stored in an aboveground tank. The mechanical gauge measures the liquid level and converts the reading to an electronic signal which is displayed on the console. 


    IMPORTANT NOTE: The 1018 Series gauge is being replace by Morrison's New 1218 Electronic Tank Gauge which will be available in February 2017...


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Morrison Bros. Co. has received approval from California’s Air Resource Board for a Phase 1 Enhanced Vapor Recovery System for Protected Aboveground Storage Tanks. Click here to get started on your CARB certification!

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