Drop Tubes

  • Fill Tube

    Product SKU: FIG 275

    Fill tubes can be used for various transfer and unloading applications. An adaptor is welded to the tube.

  • Drop Tube Extender

    Product SKU: FIG 419E

    The 419E drop tube extender connects two sections of the same size drop tube end-to-end without disrupting the flow of liquid through the drop tubes. Stock these extenders to eliminate having multiple drop tube lengths in inventory. The 419E drop tube extender is also ideal for use with damaged drop tubes. Simply cut off the damaged sections and connect using the 419E. Drop tube extenders are...

  • Standard Drop Tube

    Product SKU: FIG 419

    Drop tubes are installed in the riser at the fill connection or attached to the bottom of overfill prevention valves to direct product flow from the fill point to within 6 inches of the tank bottom. 

  • Oversized Drop Tube

    Product SKU: FIG 419SOS

    Directs product flow to liquid level when fi lling a storage tank. Prevents free fall and reduces agitation of liquid when filling. Flange fits between tight fill adaptor riser pipe. Tube extends to near bottom for submerged fill.

    Oversized drop tube (3.906" OD vs. 3.875" OD).


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