• Overfill Indicator

    Product SKU: FIG 724O

    The Overfill Indicator provides a high level visual signal indicating that the aboveground storage tank is almost full.

  • Remote Strobe

    Product SKU: FIG 918AC

    This remote strobe has a rotating red light and is 120 Volt AC powered.

  • Remote Horn

    Product SKU: FIG 918AC

    This remote horn is 120 Volt AC powered.

  • System Interface

    Product SKU: FIG 918AC

    The 918AC System Interface is an AC-powered console designed to monitor 1 to 4 simple input switch devices and provide both audible and visual indication when an input switch is activated.  In addition, the 918AC has the optional capability to add 1 to 4 configurable relay outputs to interface with remote audible and visual indicators or other external simple switch-activated devices.

  • Remote Horn with Strobe

    Product SKU: FIG 918AC

    This remote horn comes with a strobe that has a rotating red light.

  • Tank Alarm

    Product SKU: FIG 918S, 918D, 918Q

    The 918 alarm box can be paired with a variety of Morrison 918 clock gauges or level sensors. The alarm provides an audible alarm and visual indication upon the receipt of a signal. Connect a variety of Morrison gauges or sensors to meet your requirements.


    918D is a dual channel alarm box- Connect two devices
    918Q is a quad...
  • Tank Alarm with Rotating Beacon

    Product SKU: FIG 918SB, 918DB, 918QB

    The Morrison 918 series alarm box with rotating beacon is designed for applications requiring an intrinsically safe audible alarm and 360º rotating visual beacon for alarm indication in addition to audible alarm horn upon activation of a simple switch input signal.


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