Simplex Tank Gauge

FIG 618

The 618 gauging system is used to measure the liquid level in aboveground storage tanks. Galvanized pipe is not included.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The 618 Series gauge has been replaced by Morrison's New 1618 Mechanical Vertical Tank Gauge. Please refer to the 1618 product web page or contact customer service for additional details.

Standard Features



 Measures liquid level in tanks up to 50 feet tall

 Liquid measurement is graduated into 1/8″ increments

 Mechanical gauge works on a simple float and counterweight principle

 Cylindrical floats pass through a 2″ opening



Construction Details

  • Tape housing: Galvanized steel
  • Gauging tape: Stainless steel
  • Gauge wire: Stainless steel
  • Floats: Copper or stainless steel
Figure Suffix Description
618 0101 AB Tape box- complete, galvanized steel
618 0107 MS Window sleeve- copper
618 0108 MH Window housing- aluminum
618 0113 21 Weight
618 0216 2S Swivel (replacement style only)
618 0118 AF Float, copper, with swivel
618 0218 AF Float, round stainless steel, with swivel
618 0126 2T 31' tape, stainless steel
618 1726 2T 50' tape, stainless steel
618 0328 AF Float, cylindrical brass
618 0428 AF Float cylindrical stainless steel


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CARB Certification

Morrison Bros. Co. has received approval from California’s Air Resource Board for a Phase 1 Enhanced Vapor Recovery System for Protected Aboveground Storage Tanks. Click here to get started on your CARB certification!

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