• Adjustable Level Sensor

    Product SKU: 924, 924S

    Adjustable float activated simple switch device; used to monitor liquid level at a desired set point.

  • Multi-Level Sensor

    Product SKU: 925, 925S

    Float-activated simple switch device capable of sensing liquid levels from 1 to 5 specified set points.

  • Liter Gauge Alarm

    Product SKU: FIG 918C

    The Morrison Model 818C and 918C Liter Gauges are used to measure the liquid level in an aboveground storage tank. The Liter Gauge provides an approximate read out clearly displayed in liters, and can easily be read from 6 meters away! The Morrison Liter Gauge eliminates the need to convert meters and centimeters gauge readings to liters. The 918C includes a high level audible alarm.

  • Liquid Sensor

    Product SKU: FIG 924LS

    The 924LS is a stainless steel float-actuated sensor capable of detecting the presence of liquid in containment areas. 

  • Oil/Water Sensor

    Product SKU: Fig. 925---W, 925S--W, 925OWS

    The newest member of the 925 family, this new float-activated simple switch device is capable of sensing the accumulation of oil in oil/water separators.

  • High or Low Level/Interstitial Alarm

    Product SKU: FIG 918TCP, 918TCPS

    918TCP alarm and float level sensor can be set to provide an audible alarm for a high level, low level or serve as an interstitial alarm. 


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