New Products

  • Electronic Tank Gauge

    Product SKU: FIG 1218

    The Morrison 1218 electronic tank gauge series monitors and displays the liquid level and/or volume of product stored in 1 to 4 aboveground storage tanks. The tank sensor utilizes a mechanical float to monitor the tank liquid level and electronically converts the tank level to display on the system console located within 1000’ of the tank sensor.


  • Mechanical Tank Top Gauges

    Product SKU: FIG 1518

    The 1518 mechanical tank gauge is designed to mount on top of horizontal and vertical tanks up to 25’ in height and provides a readout in feet and inches.


    *(1” stainless steel pipe included)

  • Mechanical Vertical Tank Gauges

    Product SKU: FIG 1618

    The 1618 mechanical tank gauge is designed for vertical tanks up to 50’ in height and provides a readout in feet and inches at ground level.


    *Tank brackets (1618--0167 AB) sold separately.

  • Adjustable Level Sensor

    Product SKU: 924, 924S

    Adjustable float activated simple switch device; used to monitor liquid level at a desired set point.

  • Multi-Level Sensor

    Product SKU: 925, 925S

    Float-activated simple switch device capable of sensing liquid levels from 1 to 5 specified set points.

  • End-of-Line, Open Air Deflagration Flame Arrester

    Product SKU: FIG 352

    End-of-Line flame arresters are designed to be installed at the end connection of a tank vent line. The flame arrester provides a protection barrier that deters a flame generated from a source outside of the tank from flashing through the vent into the vapor space of the tank.

  • Stainless Steel Dispenser Pedestal

    Product SKU: FIG 434S

    Dispenser pedestals serve as a raised platform for piping and installing dispensers/pumps in aboveground fueling systems.

  • Emergency Shut-Off Valve

    Product SKU: FIG 446

    The 446 normally open valve is designed to shut off liquid flow in the event of a fire or excessive temperatures. This emergency shut-off valve is installed in the fuel line from a storage tank to fuel burning equipment; such as back-up generators, boilers and other flammable liquid burning appliances. 

  • Hose Retriever

    Product SKU: FIG 610X

    The 610X hose retriever assembly suspends the fueling hose above the dispenser eliminating kinks and tangles while keeping the hose off the drive.


    *610X comes with post base.

    *610XB comes with square base.


    NOTE: Hose not included.

  • Liquid Level Gauge

    Product SKU: FIG 718

    The Morrison 718 liquid level gauge is designed for measuring liquid level in an aboveground storage tank containing diesel, fuel oil, oil, and used (waste) oil. The gauge has also been approved for anti-freeze, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and automatic transmission fluid. The 718 mounts on top of the tank and is activated by a float connected to a cable.

  • Overfill Prevention Valve - AA Series (3")

    Product SKU: FIG 9095AA

    The 9095AA valve is installed at the fill port of a storage tank. Designed for use in pressurized fill systems and requires a tight fill connection. The valve installs in a standard 6” NPT male riser connection and can be set to the desired 90% or 95% shut off level by using standard length pipe nipples. 

    When installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, the overfill prevention...

  • Overfill Prevention Valve - AM Series (Methanol)

    Product SKU: FIG 9095AM

    The 9095AM series overfill prevention valve is designed to prevent overfilling storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off during a pressurized fill. 

  • Overfill Prevention Valve - X Series

    Product SKU: FIG 9095X

    The 9095X is a top-fill overfill prevention valve designed to prevent overfilling storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off during a pressurized fill.


    *For use on clean liquids only. 


    Click HERE for animation video.

  • System Interface

    Product SKU: FIG 918AC

    The 918AC System Interface is an AC-powered console designed to monitor 1 to 4 simple input switch devices and provide both audible and visual indication when an input switch is activated.  In addition, the 918AC has the optional capability to add 1 to 4 configurable relay outputs to interface with remote audible and visual indicators or other external simple switch-activated devices.

  • Liquid Sensor

    Product SKU: FIG 924LS

    The 924LS is a stainless steel float-actuated sensor capable of detecting the presence of liquid in containment areas. 

  • Oil/Water Sensor

    Product SKU: Fig. 925---W, 925S--W, 925OWS

    The newest member of the 925 family, this new float-activated simple switch device is capable of sensing the accumulation of oil in oil/water separators.


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