Aluminum Overwing Refueling Nozzle


Manual shut-off nozzle primarily designed for overwing refueling applications.

Standard Features

Lightweight construction

Dual disc for easy opening and cushion closure

Right angle design

Drag lugs for protection and durability

Grounding cable assembly optional

Tube cap, chain, and spring for spout protection

100 mesh stainless steel cone strainer


Construction Details

  • Body and cap: Aluminum
  • Internal components: Stainless steel
  • Discs: FKM
  • Packing: PTFE
  • Spout: Anodized aluminum (17/8″ OD)
  • Nozzle screen: Stainless steel, 100 mesh


Certifications & Listings

Meets Fuel & Oil Servicing Nozzle, Mil Spec, CID A-A-52030 Type I, Size 2, Class B, Style 2

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
231APM 1500 ANA 1.5" AL Overwing Refueling Noz. w/G.C. & Reducer Bushing (anodized) 6.5
231APM 1600 ANA 1.5" AL Overwing Refueling Noz. w/o G.C. or Bushing (anodized) 6.5
231APM 1700 ANA 1.5" AL Overwing Refueling Noz. w/o G.C. w/Bushing (anodized) 6.5
231APM 1800 ANA 1.5" AL Overwing Refueling Noz. w/G.C. w/o Reducer Bushing (anodized) 7.5


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