Suction Pipe Strainer

FIG 157

Suction strainers are designed to be installed at the inlet of a suction line normally installed at the bottom of the storage tank. Screen prevents debris from entering the line.


*See 334LP for smaller sizes.

Construction Details


  • Body: Brass
  • Screen: Stainless steel (20 mesh)



  • Body: Stainless steel
  • Screen: Stainless steel (20 mesh)
Figure Suffix Thread Size Description Weight (lbs)
157 0100 AS 1.5" Female Suction Pipe Strainer-Brass


157 0200 AS 2" Female Suction Pipe Strainer-Brass




934 0500 AS .5" Male Suction Pipe Strainer- Stainless Steel


934 0700 AS .75" Male Suction Pipe Strainer- Stainless Steel


934 1000 AS 1" Male Suction Pipe Strainer- Stainless Steel



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