Overfill Prevention Valve - AM Series (Methanol)

FIG 9095AM

The 9095AM series overfill prevention valve is designed to prevent overfilling storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off during a pressurized fill. 

Standard Features

Installs directly onto a 4” or a 6" riser or top mounted spill container

 Minimum shut-off height is 2” from the tank top

 2.35” of float height adjustment

 Full flow to shut-off point, cushioned closure eliminates shock

 Integral pressure relief

 Optional test mechanism


Construction Details

  • Remote adaptor: ductile iron, powder coated
  • Body: nickel plated aluminum
  • Drop tube coupler: stainless steel
  • Lower pipe nipple: e-coated steel
  • Shaft, linkage and hardware: stainless steel


Code Compliance

ULC-S661-10 listed, NFPA 30, 30A, UFC, IFC, PEI /RP200, PEI/RP 600, and Florida DEP EQ-895


Optional Criteria

Minimum 5 PSI flow requirements

Maximum operating pressure is 100 PSI

Maximum viscosity of 300 centistokes

A tight fill connection is required for the valve to operate

Use methanol-compatible threaded pipe (not supplied: drop tube nor upper pipe)

The estimated flow rate for the 2” model is 230 GPM at 10 PSI pressure drop. The estimated flow rate for the 3” model is 560 GPM at 10 PSI pressure drop





Tank Opening


Weight (lbs)



3200 AV






Pressure fill OPV with remote fill top




3300 AV






Pressure fill OPV with remote fill top



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