Cam-and-Groove Fitting - Male Adaptor/TTMA Flange - Aluminum


Cam-and-groove adaptors and couplers are used in specialized applications where it is necessary and/or convenient to be able to connect and disconnect components quickly.  

Standard Features

TTMA flange to male quick disconnect adaptor


Construction Details

Body: Aluminum or anodized aluminum


Certifications & Listings

US Military CID A-A-59326D

FigureSuffixSizeDescriptionWeight (lbs)
735LAT2000 1A2"Part LAT - Male Adaptor/TTMA Flange - Aluminum1
735LAT2040 1A2" x 4"Part LAT - 2" Male Adaptor/4" TTMA Flange - Aluminum1.75
735LAT3000 1A3"Part LAT - Male Adaptor/TTMA Flange - Aluminum1.4
735LAT3040 1A3" x 4"Part LAT - 3" Male Adaptor/4" TTMA Flange - Aluminum1.85
735LAT4000 MA4"Part LAT - Male Adaptor/TTMA Flange - Aluminum2
735LAT6000 1A6"Part LAT - Male Adaptor/TTMA Flange - Aluminum3.85


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