End-of-Line, Open Air Deflagration Flame Arrester

FIG 352

End-of-Line flame arresters are designed to be installed at the end connection of a tank vent line. The flame arrester provides a protection barrier that deters a flame generated from a source outside of the tank from flashing through the vent into the vapor space of the tank.

Standard Features

304 stainless arrester plates provide long term corrosion resistance and durability

Easy access for visual inspection and periodic maintenance

Full 2” and 3” NPT vent line air flow capacity

Water-resistant cover sheds water away from the vent line


Construction Details

  • Base: 356 tempered aluminum
  • Cover:  Aluminum
  • Arrester plates: 304 stainless steel
  • Threaded hardware: 18-8 stainless steel


Certifications & Listings

  • UL 525 Listed–Standard for Flame Arresters–Edition 8
Figure Suffix Size Weight (lbs)
352 0200 AA 2" 8.30
352 0300 AA 3" 16.20


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